NorthPark Center
Dallas, Texas

Museum-quality shopping
Built in 1965, NorthPark was designed as a very simple, cost-effective shopping center. It quickly became a Dallas destination, and gained a national reputation for its unique, utilitarian design and successful leasing and operations history. Over the years, developer and art collector Raymond Nasher began to infuse NorthPark with his extensive personal collection of 20th century art, and the center became known for its prized art installations. In 2006, the iconic center was upgraded and expanded, more than doubling its size to 2 million square feet. The new design takes cues from contemporary museum design while adhering to the original architecture and rigorous planning principles that made it such a successful destination. 

Signature Experience
“The 26 million visitors that Northpark receives every year may be unaware of the visual treat that lies in store for them when they arrive, but they will never forget it when they leave.”

— Erin Joyce, “Awesome Art in a Mall? Really?” on



Planning and concept design with Callison
Architect of Record: OmniPlan