Photo Credit: Callison

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

Celebrate tradition
Built in the 1970s as a bush hammered concrete structure on ground considered “storied land,” the Royal Hawaiian enjoyed many highly profitable years. By the late 1990s however, its age was showing, while fresher concepts throughout Waikiki began to chew into its prominence. A dramatic redesign restored its success by celebrating Hawaiian culture. The team softened the imposing, 3-block long structure and highlighted its origins as a royal retreat by adding a central garden and removing sections that blocked access along Kalakahua Avenue to allow a freer, more inviting customer flow.

Signature Experience
Enjoying tropical scents and cool breezes while learning about the site’s history in the Royal Hawaiian garden.

Awards & Honors

  • AIA Honolulu, Merit Award, Renovation, 2008
  • NAIOP, Hawaii Chapter, Renovation Excellence Award 2008
  • SADI, Renovated or Expanded Power Center, 2008

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